Teaser trailer for the fan short Black Lightning: Tobias’s Revenge.

While on a mission to rescue the kidnapped mayor of Metropolis, Jefferson Pierce aka (Black Lightning) faces his nemesis Tobias Whale and several high ranking members of the 100 gang making it his toughest battle yet.

  • Studio: Independent
  • Release: April 25, 2017
  • Director: Choice Skinner
  • Writer: Choice Skinner, James Moten-Black
  • Cast: Choice Skinner, James Moten-Black, Dimitri Morantus, Jay Hunter, Sachiko Ishida, Chase Baker, Ramsay Philips, Michael Graham, Michael Anthony Bianco, Vanessa Giordano, Mychal Thompson, Austin Uku, Daffany McGaray Clark, Johnse Allende Jr., Ola Bamisile, Nicholas Alexander